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This course will be fully online.

The Environmental Field Skills Certificate Program (EFS) is a very practical, field-based Environmental Monitoring skills training certificate program.  The EFS is delivered on-demand, in communities throughout North America, utilizing local sites and watersheds as the ‘classroom’.

Each NRTG course includes free, lifetime admission. Enrol once - come back anytime.

The 120-hour (three-week) EFS provides course participants with high-quality, in-demand Environmental Monitoring field skills, including Backpack Electrofishing Certification. EFS ‘graduates’ are qualified and capable to lead or assist with environmental monitoring and assessment of mining, hydro-electric, oil & gas, forestry, road construction, and other natural resource-related programs and projects.

NRTG is now offering a blended Environmental Field Skills Certificate training program. The classroom sessions are now offered and scheduled as a 'live' ONLINE Webinar with two field practicum options: 1) subsequent 'face-to-face' physical distancing field practicum sessions when NRTG instructors are able to travel, b) subsequent ‘student led’ field practicum sessions where students complete field sessions on their own, recording notes, video, images, and returning to share and discuss those results with the online class. For more information, please contact us!

Each day in the program, course participants are in the field learning important skills and procedures in a very realistic and practical setting, under the direction of experienced instructors and practitioners. 

NRTG’s Environmental Field Skills (EFS) Certificate program is accredited by BC’s College of Applied Biology (CAB). CAB will recognize graduates of the EFS program as meeting the core academic requirements for entry as an Applied Biology Technician.

An ‘Applied Biology Technician’ designation qualifies an individual as a B.C. provincially-recognized and certified technician and helps to expand their industry credibility.

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For additional information or to register please contact: 
Madelynn Albert
Employment & Training Manager


Ryleigh Campbell

Employment & Training Administrative Assistant


  • Must be CNA Member
  • Must complete intake form
  • Must be willing to or able to work or be currently employed
There may also be potential in receiving other sponsorship through any of the other surrounding bands. Which CNA is happy to assist with


*Please note 48 hour notice is required in order to withdraw from this course, please call the CNA to withdraw if needed.