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ONLINE! October 13 & 14 Classroom duration is 9am to 4pm PST each day.

Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG) offers a dynamic two-day course to improve the quality of technical writing by engineers, scientists and technicians. Technical Writing for Professionals equips students with hands-on tools to create technical writing which is more engaging, compelling, and persuasive.

The approach we at NRTG take with Technical Writing for Professionals is one of trying to address questions for which few, if any, other courses or books explicitly provide direction. Things like "how do I determine what to write? How do I determine my audience? How do I write more persuasively? How do I engage my audience more?" From there we can then move into mechanics of language (grammar, word conventions, etc.). Only half of this course is the mechanics and standard writing instruction; the other and, in our opinion, more important half is determining what you want to say and crafting it persuasively and engagingly.

NRTG focuses very much on principles, and these principles are applicable to any technical writing, from instructions on setting up your phone to writing a thousand-page Environmental Impact Assessment. Obviously, applications vary among different professions and disciplines, but the core needs of writing engagingly, clearly, and persuasively, from a position of credibility and trust are constant across all fields.


NRTG is pleased to customize this course for a group or specific audience of ten or more students. Customization consists of altering examples and exercises to be specific to the audience or, in the case of all students from a given company, to use company specific reports to make the exercises and examples as relevant as possible to the students. Customizing for specific audience enhances the learning but the underlying content and premises - the principles of effective writing- remain the same.

With two weeks notice, and at no additional cost, we can customize the course for:

  • Specific writing concerns or interests (e.g., proposals, EMPs, EAs, etc.)

  • Specific industries (e.g., mining, forestry, linear developments, urban development, etc.)

  • Regions of the country (e.g., BC, prairies, northern Canada, central Canada, Maritimes)

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Each NRTG course includes free, lifetime admission. Enroll once - come back anytime.


For additional information or to register please contact: 
Madelynn Albert
Employment & Training Department 
Phone: 250-378-1864


  • Must be CNA Member
  • Must complete intake form
  • Must be willing to or able to work or be currently employed
There may also be potential in receiving other sponsorship through any of the other surrounding bands. Which CNA is happy to assist with


*Please note 48 hour notice is required in order to withdraw from this course, please call the CNA to withdraw if needed.

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